The Department of Tourism of the City of Mazarrón has scheduled, within its offer of free routes, a visit on September 22nd with the title of ‘Journey to the Past’. The route will help you get to know the details of the Phoenician ship of the sixth century BC that is submerged in the beach of La Isla.

In addition, the route is completed with a visit to the Museo Factoría Romana de Salazones in Puerto de Mazarrón. There visitors will know the vestiges of the Roman past treasured by the Municipality, focused mainly on the factory that occupies a wide extension on the right margin of the bay and dedicated to the manufacture of salted fish and sauces for fish consumption.

The request for places to carry out the route can be made in person at the Tourist Office of Puerto de Mazarrón, by calling 968 59 44 26 or online at