We wish to take the opportunity this month to thank those people who have made donations throughout last year in order for us to achieve our goal and help those dogs we are able to rescue to find a permanent home.

Also to all our volunteers who dedicate their time in the shop and at the fund raising events we hold throughout the year.

On Friday 29th January we were able to send a further 10 dogs from the Perrera to Germany, so we would especially like to thank the dedicated team who work with the Mazarrón Perrera to succeed in preparing the dogs for transportation, comforting, walking and generally looking after these dogs whilst they are in the Perrera.

We are of course at present preparing more dogs and puppies for transport this month as it is a never-ending task, to prepare more and more dogs that come into the Perrera. If you think you could spare a few hours a week helping our team to walk the dogs at the Perrera to keep them healthy and have some positive human contact please contact Tony on 618 034 921.

We are always in need of volunteers to help man our shop in the Puerto de Mazarrón, so if you can dedicate some of your time for that please contact Cathy on 639 604 628. . We are always in need of good quality items of bric-a-brac, clothing, furniture and bedding; anything suitable to sell in our shop in order to raise the necessary funds for our voluntary dedicated team to continue their role in supporting this worthwhile cause. If you have any items that need picking up i.e. several bags, or a lot of items and for whatever reason you are unable to get them to our shop, please call Anne on 634 338 674 and we will endeavor to pick them up from your house.

On the first Saturday of every month we will be having a Table Top Sale in Nico & Sonia’s Bar in Puerto de Mazarrón, so please come along and support us.