Darwinian Gardeners walk

The Darwinian Gardeners met at Cat’s Bar on October 5th for a talk with ‘slides’ on Beth Chatto’s ‘Gravel Garden’ in Colchester. This garden was started in 1991 as an experiment in the driest part of England, where drought-resistant plants were planted but never watered. The ideas Beth had are easily transportable to our situation in Murcia, where the amount of rainfall is similar.

Following the talk, we had a competition to find the best photo of a flower taken in our garden. This was won by Deryck Davison with his picture of a passion flower.

Lunch was held at the Restaurante Siena where, as usual, we had an excellent meal.

The Gardening Club meets monthly during the winter. If you would like to join, please contact Annie at darwiniangardeners@gmail.com 

Join us for walks, discussion groups, gardening group, games evenings and lots of lunches. For information tel 669 338 885 or email humanistsofmurcia@gmail.com


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