Humanists of Murcia October Walk

A grand total of six walkers and Paco set off from Bar Morales (a local bar and country shop on the D4, Leiva) for Coto Fortuna.  It was a pleasant day with light winds and a sunny sky.

The climb up to the ridge took 40 minutes where Joan, Sue, Ian and Paco headed off to the BBQ area while Jon, Paul (no Ringo nor George) and Jim went up to the Fire Watch Tower where they had magnificent views to the coast.  The tower had been painted, new railings installed and a bus stop erected. The whole group had refreshments at the BBQ area before setting off back to the cars.  The walk took 3.25hrs and was 12km long.

Lunch was at La Siena where they were joined by Anne, Martin and Michael and cost an enormous sum of 10€ each.

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