May was another busy month, but happily we saw our nine latest rescue puppies go off to their new forever homes in the UK. Five were the ‘Vista Pups’, rescued by the same named bar on Camposol and the other four were dumped beside the road in Lorca. Happy Days now for them.

No time to rest though when we took on two more needy rescues; Sirena whose owner was going through trauma and Mancha, a beautiful boy who was about to be shot by his owner a shepherd, because Mancha was ‘not up to the job’. What a babe he is too. He and Sirena are already reserved and will be heading off to their new homes in July following full preparation of vaccs, etc etc.

As all rescuers know, it just never stops! A neighbour alerted us to a seemingly old large dog struggling to walk down the centre of our long road! He was hardly keeping on his feet and apart from being absolutely filthy and stinking to high heaven, the poor boy was having trouble breathing.

We imagined him to be a poor old soul who may be in need of euthanasia, but to our surprise, when we reached our amazing vets at Huercal Overa, we were told he is in the region of just 5 years. He was literally being eaten alive by fleas and ticks, but his heart seems to be okay. As you will see from the photos he had to have much of his coat cut away which exposed the horror of his suffering. Bloods were taken to test for med diseases etc which seemed good, but they went to the lab for double checking. After meds for worms, fleas and ticks etc and gentle bathing on his sore areas we were able to bring him home to our quarantine kennel.

He then managed to slowly down a hearty meal of meat, biscuits and liver to aid any anaemia. He is believed to be a mastin/GSD cross, but honestly has the most beautifully kind nature considering what he has been through. We were over 2½ hours with our vets, but have to say it was worth it and we left with some sense of sadness, but also happiness that maybe, just maybe, we had saved him. Blood results then came back clear. Hallelujah!

We have taken Teddy back for xrays and not only has he some arthritis, but he also has a hernia in his bottom. I understand that instead of his bowel being straight, he has a hernia rather like a u-bend under a sink. This is apparently very dangerous as the bladder can be drawn into it. He was also very anaemic. Teddy has been neutered and is now recovering well.

Since beginning this editorial we have received two more calls for help so it is onwards and upwards!