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We are always talking about the weather and usually in Spain we complain that it’s too hot and too dry.  I really don’t know what to say about the rather unusual weather here this year!  Normally, when planning an outside event, there’s no need to worry from Spring onwards, so for a choir who likes to perform outside we’ve had a fair share of ‘weird’ weather this year.

At our first performance this year on April 5th on Camposol in aid of FAST, the local volunteer first responders, we had no problems weatherwise. We helped raise 432€ for the deserving charity.

Just over a week later on April 14th, we were excited about performing at the seaside at the Social Centre in Isla Plana, in aid of a new charity Friends of Animals of Mazarrón. The day dawned bright and fairly warm, but windy. As we sang with our backs to the sea to an attentive audience, a sudden gust of wind blew down our tall microphones and stand holding our electrical equipment. Not to be outdone, whilst everything was put back in place, we continued singing bits of other songs  and then ended up by singing ‘Help’ which amused the audience! 850€ was raised on that day.

The next event was on 2nd June, at St Nicholas Church Camposol. Surely in June the weather would be no problem. Wrong! The whole week’s forecast was showing rain from late morning onwards. The Church was well prepared for their Flower Festival and they had erected a covered pergola and several marquees. It was just as well! Not only did the heavens open, but there was thunder and lightning, especially during the performance of the other act on the day, the wonderful Ukeskool. Still the show had to go on! Fortunately the beautiful flower displays inside the church didn’t get ruined by the torrential rain. Despite the weather, 868€ was raised on that day.

I’m sure that on 22nd July when we perform at The Condado Club at 1pm the weather will be fine, as it will be on 24th August at the Camposol Fiesta. This is Spain after all, but just in case, bring your brollies!

For more information on the Harlequin Rock Choir and if you would like to become a member or are planning an event for charity, find us on Facebook or contact:

Ida Halton – Events and Publicity Coordinator


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