At the time of writing, The Harlequin Rock Choir have been taking a well-earned break over the Christmas period.

Harlequin Rock Choir Performing at Mariano's Nov 2015Our main aim is to raise as much money as possible for various charities in and around the region.  For those who don’t know about us, on 28th August last year, we were happily involved with the Camposol Medieval Fiesta as the main event of the evening.   This was a resounding success, and consequently, should another Fiesta be held this August, we have been asked back to perform again.

We were then approached by a relatively new charity, “Help The Poor”, who work in conjunction with the local Lions.   This event took place at Mariano’s on 26th November.  This again was a hugely successful evening, as we raised around €1,000 for this worthwhile event.    Many thanks to everyone whose generous donations of food and clothing will help all those people less fortunate than ourselves, particularly over the winter period.
Our next short performance took place at Oscar’s for MABS at their fair on 28th November.   This again was well received and we managed to raise €70 in the space of half-an-hour to go towards MABS’s superb hard work and dedication in helping cancer patients.

Our final performance of the year took place at The Clover Bar on 4th December – again, raising money for “Help The Poor”.   Many thanks for the people who donated clothing and food.  The monies raised came to €600. Apart from the choir thoroughly enjoying performing, it was very satisfying for us all to have raised so much money for this charity.

Our repertoire seems to be loved by people everywhere we go and with new songs planned for our new term it will soon be even bigger and better.  The Harlequin Rock Choir has over 40 members, but we are always looking for new members (particularly you guys to join our small male section!).   We will be starting up again in earnest on Saturday 6th February at Camposol Cultural Centre at 1.15pm.  Anyone who feels they can sing or would like to sing and would like to be part of a great fun loving team, whilst lowering your stress levels and raising money for charity, then please come and join us.  You will be most welcome. It is a good time to come along as we will all be learning our new songs together.  We hope you will give it a try.    We promise you will be glad you did!

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Ann Thompson
Musical Director