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How many of you remember singing in assemblies in your schooldays?   Some of you may have even been in a church choir or a community choir. Do you remember how you felt? Whether you enjoyed it or not, one thing I’m sure you did feel was the camaraderie with the people you were singing with.

The camaraderie is certainly felt by every member of the Harlequin Rock Choir, enhanced by the fact that we all have one thing in common – the joy of singing. For those of us who are too shy to sing solo or whose voices are not quite up to the standard of a solo artiste, being part of a choir will fulfil our desire to sing and perform. There are members of our choir who volunteer to sing solo parts and have the confidence to do that, knowing that they have the support of the rest of the choir.

It may be a cliché which you’ve all heard before, but it is true; we are one big  family who meet every Saturday afternoon and spend a couple of hours  together feeling happy and fulfilled.

The ‘icing on the cake’ is when we perform, because when we do that, not only do we feel the joy of singing together, but we also hope that our audience is enjoying the music and so much so that they will donate to the charities we are performing for.

In April, two very different charities have asked us to help them raise funds:

One of the charities which does brilliant work for the people of Camposol in Mazarron is FAST, the voluntary Community Support Team of first Responders.

The other is a new charity which helps abandoned or badly treated animals – Friends of Mazarrón Animals

We hope you will come along and enjoy our music and perhaps dance and sing along – anything that makes you feel happy!

FASTThursday 5th April

On Camposol A from 10.30am

Friends of Mazarrón Animals – Saturday 14th April

At Associacion de Vecinos, Isla Plana

Artisan Market – from 11.30am

For more information on the Harlequin Rock Choir; if you would like to become a member or are planning an event for charity, find us on Facebook or contact Ida Halton, Events and Publicity Coordinator


Tel 654 411 974