Getting clear legal advice and learning some basic Spanish were the top tips from British shoppers in Iceland stores in Spain when asked by the British Consulate. Other tips when asked “What is your advice for someone moving to Spain?” included “Do your homework” and “Try renting before you buy.”

british-Consulate-and-healthcare-team-give-advice-at-Iceland-SupermarketA team from the British Consulate and Overseas Healthcare Team spoke to more than 100 Brits at three Iceland stores on the Costa Blanca this month. As well as asking shoppers questions about their life in Spain, the team also gave advice on a range of issues, from access to healthcare to how to register as a resident. The Consulate encouraged the Brits they spoke to, to plan for the future and to follow them on their “Brits living in Spain” Facebook page or @BritsliveSpain Twitter channel for more useful and up-to-date tips and advice.

Part of a programme of events held in branches of the Iceland Supermarket across the region, it was an opportunity for customers who might not normally come into contact with the British Consulate to share their knowledge and experience of life in Spain in order to help other British nationals thinking of making the move.
Vice Consul Liz Bell who attended the Torrevieja store said: “It was great to meet so many people and hear from them what helps make life a success in Spain. I was really encouraged to see that the top tips were around being properly registered as residents here in Spain, getting on the padrón and making sure healthcare is sorted. Iceland Overseas Supermarkets have been really supportive of our programme and our thanks go to them for enabling us to work within their stores and hear what their customers have to say”.