The Mercado de la Cresta del Gallo, located on Avenida Constitución of Mazarrón number 117, will host from December 5 to 8 a new edition of the gastronomic fair gAstrogAllo. This fifth date with the local cuisine, which has become one of the central events of the Patron Festivities of La Purísima, has been presented by the Councillor for Celebrations, Miguel Ángel Peña, who was accompanied by Silvia García, Councillor for Youth and whose department has prepared the activity ‘Gastrochef Junior’.

As explained by the Councillor of Celebrations, “this year the premises that will participate in gAstrogAllo 2.4 are 10. The local representation will come from the establishments of La Meseguera, La Nueva Bodeguita, La Perra Chica, D’Tapas, Fizz and Hora de Comer and two confectionery establishments – Panificadora La Canela and Amorina Repostería Artesanal. Together with them, the Deskaro de L’Azohía restaurant and El Faro de Puntas de Lorca will participate as guests. ”

The Mayor added that “the participating establishments will present three tapas a day, of which the one that will be presented for evaluation by the jury will be common four days, and the other two may vary.” Also, “attendees can enjoy musical performances. On Thursday, the set ‘Two Twentties’ will perform, on Friday the version group ‘Cover Dogs’ will `perform, on Saturday it will be the turn of Rubi Rodríguez Dj and on Sunday it will close with Little Nookiee Dj ”.

Another of the activities that will be held will be “the‘ Gastrochef Junior ’contest that will take place on Saturday 7 from 10:30am”, as explained by the Mayor of Youth. Silvia García commented that “in the contest children from 9 to 10 years old will participate from all the schools in the municipality”. García has also been in charge of unveiling one of the novelties of this year that consists of “a smart bracelet that can be recharged with the amount you want and with which attendees can pay the different tapas.”

This device will allow greater comfort to attendees who will not have to worry about where to save their tickets. In addition, you will have the advantage that at the end of the event you can recover the amount left in it. The distribution of the establishments and the contest tapas that will be presented are:

Lower floor:
La Meseguera with: Black crepes with seafood
El Faro de Puntas with: Prawns with bacon on a wakame seaweed bed and wasabi sauce
La Perra Chica with: Carrillera with acorn liquor reduction
Fizz with: Ba-minh of Murcian pig
First floor:
D’tapas with: Crispy prawn with sobrasada, honey and peanuts
Deskaro with: Tuna ball

Second floor:
New wine cellar with:  Rice with octopus from the Bahia
Hora de Comer: S. O. S. Mar Menor

Third floor:
La Canela with: Champagne jelly with White Chocolate Mousse and a lucky grape
Amorina Pasteleria Artisan with: Drunk Lemon and Meringue