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The free guided tours to learn about the heritage and history of the Municipal Cemetery of Mazarrón, which started last summer, returns on the occasion of the festival of All Saints. The councils of Culture, Historical Heritage and Tourism now programme eight tours, all in Spanish, with the novelty that two of them will be held at night. They
will be on October 31st, at 9pm and at 10pm; on November 1, 3 and 4 at 11am and at 12pm

To participate, previous registration in the Tourism Office will be necessary, and those interested must present themselves 15 minutes before the start at the door of the cemetery

The visits, of an hour duration, aim to bring neighbours and visitors, from a different perspective, a page of the recent history of Mazarrón that starts in the golden age of mining and continues to this day. Not only will one of the biggest growth stages of the municipality be announced, thanks to the arrival of foreign companies, but also
aspects about the symbolism related to death will be explained, details will be disseminated about some of the relevant characters who rest in this sacred space and attention will be drawn to the outstanding elements of the funeral architecture

The different stops, guided by the journalist Miguel Rubio, will allow you to get to know the design of the set, in which the architects Justo Millán and Francisco de Paula Oliver Rolandi participated; the area with the oldest tombs, with an interesting ironwork; the apple destined to the burial of the toddlers, with piercing epitaphs; the graves of personalities that contributed to the takeoff of Mazarrón at the turn of the century and the mausoleums of the most powerful families, two of them attributed to Víctor Beltrí. On this occasion, and on the occasion
of All Saints’ Day, a brushstroke of the most popular traditions surrounding this festival will also be offered, which have been maintained over time, as well as some of the mysteries that still remain cemetery.

The maximum number of places will be 20, in order not to alter the normal functioning of the necropolis. Due to the lack of lighting inside the municipal cemetery, for the two night visits the participants must carry some type of portable lighting (flashlight type).