This weekend, the BMX circuit of the Media Legua Sports Complex hosts the first two races of the LBR Open Tangent League of this cycling modality.

Francisco José García explained that “this is an event that will have the participation of national and international competitors (about 70 in the latter case), both in male and female categories.” A unique opportunity for “people to approach the sports complex and enjoy this show and learn about this sport that we support both from the City Council and from the Federation.”

In this sense, as Sergio Martínez said, “Mazarrón is one of the municipalities where all cycling disciplines meet. In this case we talk about the BMX modality that, although it is a minority, with the support we are being giving from the Federation and municipalities of the region such as Mazarrón, little by little it is growing and there are more and more licenses ”. In this sense, Martínez highlighted Chiara and Hugo Muñoz mazarroneros that “although they are still very small they are already giving us great joys.”