Bolnuevo will have the first beach of the region with sports facilities
of calisthenics.

Opens on 8 June from 11am with a demonstration of 6.30pm

The exercise park includes double parallel bars, complex of push-ups, freestyle and multiple. An informative panel will detail the recommended training routines

The Bolnuevo beach will be the first in the Murcia region to have calisthenics sports facilities. The exercise park will have double bars, low bars, complex push-up equipment, free-style and multiple. Installed in the sand of the beach in front of the Erosions this will offer a new option of healthy leisure to neighbours and holidaymakers. The equipment has a budget of 16,258.83€ and an area of ​​160 m2

Calisthenics is a system of physical exercises using one’s own body weight focusing on the movement of muscle groups that prevails over power and effort. Calisthenics comes from the Greek kallos (beauty) and sthenos (strength)

The calisthenics park includes two parallel galvanized steel bars. It exercises the hamstrings, abdominal muscles, back, shoulders, chest, biceps, triceps and extensions of wrists and fingers. It will also have two parallel low bars and a triple French push-up bar and a tilted abdominal bench with wooden bars and leg restraint bar

In turn, the push bar is composed of three posts and three crossbars and the Freestyle complex is made up of two pull-up bars, a Freestyle bar, four poles and a support rail. This construction exercises the biceps, triceps, muscles of the back, shoulder, chest and extension of the forearm and fingers. The multiple complex consists of three explosive pull-up bars, a pull-up bar, a sloping monkey bar, two support rails and a Swedish wall

Likewise, there will be an informative poster that includes a training routine for users with recommendations for the use of equipment.