The Mazarrón City Council will allocate one million euros in direct aid to businesses, SMEs and the self-employed, as announced by the Mazarrón Mayor, Gaspar Miras, and the Deputy Mayor of Finance, Ginés Campillo; in order to support the local economy in the face of the crisis caused by the coronavirus health alert.

As explained by the head of the Treasury, “aid may be requested by those establishments and self-employed workers who have had to close due to the State of Alarm or who, being able to open, have billed 75% less in the last month compared to the semester previous ”, thus giving way to the second phase of aid implemented by the consistory.

In the case of those establishments and workers who have not been able to carry out their activity during the State of Alarm, they will have a direct grant of 1,500 euros which, in the case of having up to 9 workers, will add 750 euros more, receiving a total of 2,250 euros. . In the event that it has from 10 to 49 workers, another 1,500 is added with a total aid of 3,000 euros.

In case you have been able to open and have reduced your billing by at least 75% in relation to the average made in the annual semester prior to the declaration of the state of alarm, the direct aid will be 1,000 euros. If you have up to 9 workers, you will also receive 750 euros up to 1,750 euros. In the case that it has from 10 to 49 workers, they will be given another 1,500 euros with a total help of 2,500 euros; Thus completing other measures implemented by the council in order to reactivate the commercial and business fabric of Mazarrón.

This second phase of aid, as announced by Campillo, is in addition to the 600,000 euros for social aid approved by the Mayor’s Decree and which will be presented at the ordinary plenary session this April to be held next Tuesday and where it will take place the reduction of the municipal budget items that are affected by this urgent measure to face the crisis.

Thus, the economic amount that is intended to alleviate the effects of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus amounts to 1,600,000 euros. Of the six hundred thousand euros of the first phase, 160,000 euros have already been invested mainly so that families with food needs could see this deficiency covered, thanks to an agreement with the municipality’s supermarkets and the help of the Red Cross, Caritas and the ‘Nuevo Rumbo ‘for its distribution.

But the Social Policy area, which from the first day of confinement put the phone number 968 59 11 15 to process citizen applications, has also processed telecare assistance, an advance payment of money for school dining scholarships that has begun to pay the Autonomous Community to the consistory, medicines and baby food, among other queries and requests.