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What a busy month for both FAST Supporters and Responders!

Since the end of September, the 7 new Responders have been on the roster and attending emergency calls on Camposol.

The new FAST car, a Dacia Sandero, has been delivered and is now in service, fully equipped and revving to go. The VW Caddy (number 1 FAST car) has been serviced. This entailed Responders using their own vehicles on the day that the vehicle was in the garage. Thanks to Ken Sherwood for the speedy return of the car.

The Christmas Fayre raffle tickets arrived and were on sale the very next day.  If you see Dorothy, she will sell you a ticket or two! The tickets are on sale on Thursdays on Camposol A and on Camposol B on Fridays. If you would like tickets but cannot get to either Commercial Centre please email committee@fast2016.org

One of the highlights for FAST was on Tuesday 3rd October when Hugo Griffin, a senior official from the British Consulate, came to Camposol to see FAST members. Hugo was introduced to the Committee over coffee and he then introduced himself to all the Supporters and Responders and explained the duties of the Consul in Spain, helping British subjects who are in difficult situations whilst in Spain.  The day he came to Camposol, other Consulate staff were busy helping to repatriate thousands of stranded tourists after the collapse of Monarch Airlines. We appreciated the Consulate taking the time to recognise FAST and we will remain in contact with them. Our legal representative, Mercedes Borchert from Viva House was also present.

Hugo presented certificates for the work Supporters and Responders put in. He also presented certificates to our in-house Trainers who worked so hard to achieve their qualification.

There was plenty of opportunity to explain how FAST operates and is financed. It was pointed out that FAST is entirely financed by donations to CST on Camposol; members of the public who put coins in the tins and the nurses’ buckets and the businesses on Camposol who also support us. It was stressed to Hugo how generous the people of Camposol are and the great community spirit that exists on this urbanisation.

Hugo took the opportunity to announce that our President, Mr. Barry Hamilton (Baz) has been appointed as ‘Local ambassador for the Mazarrón area’ and is due to meet the Director of Emergency Services in Mazarrón during the next week or so. The afternoon was rounded off with a buffet lunch and light refreshments.

FAST was called out 11 times in September resulting in 8 ambulances being called.

Everyone had a good time on the Coach Trip to Alicante on 5th October, partly due to the entertainment put on by Mandy and Gill.

The next Coach Trip to La Zenia Shopping and Licor 43 is on 13th November. Tickets are available each Friday outside TJ Electricals, Camposol B.

A copy of the CST accounts is available on PYM Facebook page.

A beginner training course is being planned for early next year, so if you are interested in joining FAST as a Responder or Supporter, please get in touch.

If you have a few spare hours and wish to meet like-minded people, why not join FAST? We meet for training every Tuesday at 10am at the Cultural Centre, Camposol B. You will be made most welcome. Email recruitment@fast2016.org

When we are attending an emergency we obviously follow the rules of the road, but we do have flashing lights on the vehicles to warn other drivers that they should GIVE WAY if it is safe to do so.

Any questions can be addressed to committee@fast2016.org 

What Have You Done Today To Make You Feel Proud?