The FAST2016 team has been out and about on Camposol, doing one or two things; raising funds to allow us to provide the life saving service and spending funds that allow us to attend emergency call outs on Camposol.

fast2016 two of the FAST2016 nurses collecting moneyThe residents, businesses and visitors on Camposol have been very generous providing the funds to allow us to continue providing this service.

Here is a snapshot of where some of the money raised has been spent:
To protect all responders from the Hepatitis B virus

It was decided that all responders should be offered the opportunity to have the Hepatitis B vaccination. There are 27 responders who started the 3 injection vaccination course. The cost will be in the region of €2,700. This is seen as an essential safeguard for all.

The training of new instructors.
In October, four new instructors were authorised to instruct volunteers in life saving techniques. The cost was in the region of €3,600. Well done to all the students who worked very hard to get this qualification.

The two FAST2016 vehicles are another large expense. Both vehicles require servicing, tyres, insurance, road tax and ITV. The cost for the last 6 months was €2,000+. Fuel will be on top of that figure. The vehicles are driven at least twice a day without callouts due to shift changes all over Camposol.

The FAST2016 phones were getting past their best, so it was decided to get reconditioned Iphones at a cost of €110 each. Thanks to Chris from Compusurf who provides the landline and switching service for FAST2016 free of charge.

The emergency number has not changed – 968 970 626

It is clear that we could not provide this valuable service on Camposol without all your donations, not forgetting the fund-raising team of supporters who sell raffle tickets, arrange the Fayres, and sell books at the bookstall. Oh and the Nurses who love to wave and give you a smile on a Monday morning!

We would like to thank you all for supporting FAST2016

The trip to Alicante Castle and the Galleon was a great success, led by two of our responders Mandy and Eileen. They are now busy organising the next trip which is to Benidorm on 16th November. Tickets €15.
Liquor 43, La Zenia shopping and Iceland in San Javier on 13th December will cost €20.

There are plans to run a Trip to Aguilas Carnival next year when the date is set. For information call 634 309 899.

The Christmas Fayre was held on 29th October and a report will appear next month. Watch this space or go to our Facebook page.

There were 15 call outs during September resulting in 7 ambulances being called.

In a medical emergency, phone 112 then phone FAST2016 on 968 970 626

If you would like to join FAST2016 then come along on Tuesday morning to the Cultural Centre on Camposol B. You will be more than welcome to see how we train.
Tel 634 309 899