FAST2016 Is Pleased To Announce That The Service Will Be Fully Operational From Monday 13th June

The service will be available 24 hours per day every day of the year and will be provided FREE to all persons on Camposol.

The EMERGENCY NUMBER remains the same 968 970 626

At the time of writing, training courses for New Responders have been authorised to take place at the end of May for the use of defibrillators and other life preserving procedures. FAST2016 has an excellent training team who provide practical training each week refreshing the life preserving skills that may be required when called to an incident.

The practical side of the training involves Responders taking the emergency calls and gathering information from the caller. Subsequently locating the address of the casualty which, at times, can prove to be quite a challenge, with some road signs missing and some houses with house numbers and some with plot numbers. Some holiday makers, who have rented, do not even know the exact address!
Training scenarios have been staged during the month of May to offer new Responders the opportunity to take an emergency call and attend an address with another Responder and deal with a ‘staged’ incident.

FAST2016 will respond to any life threatening situation on Camposol and give assistance, where required, until the emergency services arrive. The Responders, during the time in which they are present at the incident, will advise on what documents may be required by the ambulance crew when they arrive, if an ambulance is called. The FAST2016 Responders can provide a list of essential items which may be helpful at the hospital e.g. mobile phone, money, medication, day clothes to return home in and spectacles. Having a FAST2016 team present in your house when there is a medical emergency can be very comforting and reassuring for the family members.

During the last few months there has been a recruitment drive to get the number of Responders up to 40. Two Responders will always attend each incident. FAST2016 also needs Support Workers. No previous knowledge is required as full training will be given. Many Responders already have past knowledge as we currently have ex-nurses, care workers, first aiders, ex-service personnel, firemen and police officers. If you have any spare time and want to help this great community of Camposol by becoming either a Responder or Support Worker, then please email us at or come along for a coffee and a chat at the Cultural Centre on a Tuesday morning. Further information is provided on our website

Other benefits of being a member of FAST2016 are being part of a great group of like-minded people who are always willing to help each other. It is a great way to meet new people and also give something back to the community.