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In A Medical Emergency Call 112 Then Call FAST On 968 970 626

CST/FAST is a fully registered and insured charity whose sole purpose is to serve the basic medical needs of everyone who lives or visits Camposol. All responders and instructors are volunteers who give their time for the people of Camposol.

FAST Emergency First Responders can normally attend a call within 5-7 minutes. However, unfortunately, because of distance and availability, an emergency ambulance can take between 20-40 minutes to arrive. FAST Responders can provide emergency life-saving procedures whilst waiting for the ambulance.

Things you can do while waiting for FAST:

  • Ensure the casualty’s airway is open and the patient is breathing.
  • Try to stop catastrophic bleeding by applying direct pressure.
  • Ensure the call to 112 informs the operator that this is a serious incident.

As a volunteer group, FAST Responders see some extremely vulnerable people in very different circumstances.  We are an ageing community and sometimes people need more than first aid or emergency care. We can give advice and contact details of other services that may be able to help. We are part of the bigger team of charity volunteers on Camposol and we meet periodically to discuss ways that will make living on Camposol even better for all.

We recently took a coach trip to Seville and Cordoba with 3 nights/4 days in the Don Paco Hotel. A great time was had by all.

Christmas Fayre @ Mariano’s Restaurant – 10th November.

There will be cakes and pastries, tombola and all the normal stalls, with the prize draw being held at 2pm. Draw tickets are available at the Thursday Market on Camposol A and outside TJ Electricals, Camposol B on a Friday. Contact fayres@fast2016.org if you would like to help or donate items for sale.

FAST has a bookcase full of books in The Diner on Camposol B Commercial Centre; we only ask for a donation.  Feel free to return books there as well. Thanks to The Diner for this opportunity to boost our funds.

Don’t forget the famous FAST Nurses and Doctors on the dual carriage way on a Monday. Give them a wave or your spare cash; they are always extremely grateful.

The Mayor with Barry Hamilton

The Mayor and her husband and Pedro Martinez at the FAST ball

CST/FAST held their first Autumn Ball on 22nd September at the Costa Hotel in Mazarrón and it was a resounding success. Our President Mr Barry Hamilton welcomed all the guests and gave a short introduction. He thanked the organisers, Tony Williams, Jenny Salt and Ann Wamsley for all the effort put in to making the evening a success. We were pleased to welcome the Mayor and her husband, the Deputy Mayor Pedro Martinez Pagan and our legal advisor Mercedes Borchert. The function staff looked after us very well. There were so many starters we almost had no room for the main course! The wine flowed like the Rio Vino. Music was supplied by DJ Wazzer and The Geckos. We are planning next year’s ball now. More details are available at events@fast2016.org

CGA Presenting cheque to FAST

Winners of the FAST open trophy

On 12th October, Club de Golf, Camposol was host to 80 golfers playing in the FAST Open Golf Tournament. Thank you to all the businesses that supported this event. Betty Roberts, Social Secretary of the Camposol Golf Association presented a cheque to the Vice President of FAST, Gordon Clive.


We are always ready to welcome new or returning members to the team, whether it is as a First Responder or a Supporter. Responders are all trained to Murcian Health Authority standards and verified by EMS in the UK. There is no need to have previous knowledge of First Aid as all training will be provided free of charge. We will be running a course for new recruits during the month of November. We have attracted about 8 to 10 new recruits recently. We offer flexible duties, from 6 hours and 12 hours. Our aim is to offer 24/7 cover for Camposol.

We may be extending our cover to the Saladillo area, once we have permission from the authorities.

Have you filled in the contact details of your relatives or friends on the last page of your passport? This is important if they need to be contacted in an emergency.