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In an emergency call 112 ask for an operator in your language, explain your emergency then call FAST on 968 970 626

On Tuesday 23rd January we had a talk by Tony Smith the English Funeral Director. He explained what procedures should be followed when a death has occurred and we have been called. He explained the different procedures to follow if it is a sudden death or a death after an illness. In all cases FAST will perform basic life support until the paramedic or the doctor arrives. The presentation was very interesting and informative. Thanks to Tony for taking the time to speak to us.

FAST public first aid demo

FAST held a Basic Life Support Presentation on Friday 26th January for members of the public. The purpose of the demonstration was what you should do to help someone before FAST and the emergency services arrive. The FAST Instructors had different training stations set up; how to put someone into the recovery position; how to help a choking person; how to stop a catastrophic bleed and how to carry out CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation).

Consulate visit to Camposol

On 6th February FAST hosted a British Consulate visit to Camposol. The Deputy Head of Mission Tim Hemmings presented FAST Responders with their certificates. He was accompanied by the British Consul based in Madrid and the Vice Consul in Alicante. FAST members and members of the public had an opportunity to speak to the Consulate officials after the presentation.  After the public left there was a meeting between the Consulate officials and registered charities who operate on Camposol. The outcome of this meeting was to ensure closer contact between the various charities.

If a FAST team visits a home after an emergency call and find that more prolonged help is required they can give them details of the other charities on Camposol who may be able to assist them. We had 17 callouts in January resulting in 10 ambulances being called.

On 13th February FAST had a trip to Benidorm, staying at the Hotel Melia for 3 days. The next trip was to Aguilas for the famous Carnival. There are other trips and events planned, so keep up to date by visiting our Facebook page or email trips@fast2016.org

FAST has now received our two new defibrillators. Training on these will commence this month. Once all Responders are fully conversant with the new Defibs, the old ones will be serviced and returned to Camposol and placed in the Commercial Centres. The new Defibs cost €3,600. FAST also purchased two training Defibs at a cost of €500.

All the money FAST spends comes from the generosity of the residents and businesses on Camposol.

The FAST nurses are still out on a Monday morning even though it has been a very cold few months. Please give them your small change or just a smile.

There is an Autumn Ball arranged for 22nd September at the Costa Hotel in Mazarrón. More information on our FB page and PYM (Preguntas y Mas FB page), or in person at the bookstall outside TJ Electricals on the 2nd and last Friday of each month.