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In A Medical Emergency Call 112 Then Call FAST On 968 970 626

CST/FAST is a fully registered and insured charity whose sole purpose is to serve the basic medical needs of everyone who lives or visits Camposol. All Responders and Instructors are volunteers who give their time for the people of Camposol. FAST Emergency First Responders can normally attend a call within 5 to 7 minutes. However, unfortunately, because of distance and availability, an emergency ambulance can take between 20 to 40 minutes to arrive. FAST Responders can provide emergency life-saving procedures whilst waiting for the ambulance.

Things you can do while waiting for FAST:

Ensure the airway is open and the patient is breathing.

Try to stop catastrophic bleeding by applying direct pressure.

Ensure the call to 112 informs the operator that this is a serious incident.

In the seven years FAST has been formed they have attended almost 1,000 incidents, from providing lifesaving procedures to comforting and reassuring and providing information regarding other groups who may be able to help the people involved. As a volunteer group FAST Responders see some extremely vulnerable people in very different circumstances: in an aging community, sometimes people need more than first aid or emergency care.

Two responders, Janice Ward and Marie Errington, receiving their certificates from FAST President Barry Hamilton

Training for Responders is held every Tuesday at the Camposol Cultural Centre, where there is an opportunity to practice their skills and to learn new ones. It is also an opportunity to get together and ensure the group is working in harmony. Confidentiality is a major part of the training; we may discuss incidents and how they were dealt with, but without naming names or locations. This helps all Responders in sharing experiences when on call. Part of our training session is an ‘open forum’ where all members of CST\FAST can bring up matters/situations that they feel need to be aired. The committee will then try to make alterations or additions to the service to make it better for all.

We have recruited new Responders over the last few months and they are now fully trained and authorised. The shifts that Responders cover are a mixture of 6 hour days, 12 hour days and 12 hour nights. These shifts are flexible, so if a Responder wants to finish a duty early then the Responder on duty next will take over early. If you have a few hours free, why not come along on a Tuesday morning and see what we do.  We always have coffee and tea on the go!

Organising a whole month’s Responder cover is an arduous task and this is done by our roster man Barry Wilkins. Barry sends out a spreadsheet with the duties that the Responders have agreed to cover, but as the month progresses he sends out up to 10 revisions. Graham Salt keeps Responders aware of any duties that have not been covered and will ask Responders to fill empty spaces, sometimes at a few hours notice. Thanks to Barry and Graham we are now achieving almost 24/7 cover.

Our ‘trips team’ recently took a coach trip to Licor 43 with an afternoon in Cartagena.

Summer Fayre @ Mariano’s Restaurant – 28th July.

Cakes and pastries, tombola and all the normal stalls, with the prize draw held at 2pm. Draw tickets are available at the Thursday market on Camposol A and outside TJ Electricals on Camposol B on a Friday.

Contact fayres@fast2016.org if you would like to help.

Autumn Ball @ Costa Hotel, Mazarrón Town – 22nd September

Tickets at €30 each.

More details at events@fast2016.org or at the bookstall on 2nd and last Friday outside TJ Electricals on Camposol B.