In A Medical Emergency Call 112 Then Call FAST On 968 970 626

The number 1 vehicle

CST/FAST is a fully registered and insured charity whose sole purpose is to serve the emergency medical needs of everyone who lives or visits Camposol. All responders and instructors are volunteers who give their time for the people of Camposol.

If you have to call for an ambulance, call 112 and the operator will ask a series of questions so they make your call the correct priority. You can ask for an operator to speak in your language if you do not speak Spanish.

FAST were called out 18 times in December resulting in 11 ambulances being called. That means we saved the time of 7 ambulances allowing them to attend other emergencies. 

In 2018 FAST attended 190 calls for help, resulting in 125 ambulances being called, saving 65 ambulance call-outs during the year.

You can call any time day or night. FAST aims to give 24/7 cover

We will be arranging a trip to the Aguilas Carnival, which will be on 9th March.  There will also be a series of trips later in the year. We have a Facebook page to keep up with the latest news about FAST. Search for us at FAST2016.

FAST has a bookcase full of books in The Diner, Camposol B. We only ask for a donation and you can take your pick.  Feel free to return books there as well. We also hold our bookstall on the second and last Friday of each month outside TJ Electricals, Camposol B.


Graham and David carrying out bag checks

We are always ready to welcome new or returning members to the team, whether it is as a First Responder or a Supporter. Responders are all trained to Murcian Health Authority standards and verified by EMS in the UK. The shifts that are covered can be 6/12/24 hours to suit the individual.  There is no need to have previous knowledge of first aid as all training will be provided free of charge. 


The supporter’s role in CST\FAST is as important as the Responders. Without dedicated Supporters, FAST would not be able to operate. If you have some time free and wish to help, please come along to our training sessions on a Tuesday morning for a chat at The Social Centre , Camposol B or email 

The famous FAST nurses and doctors are on the dual carriage way on Camposol B on Mondays. Give them a wave and your spare cash; they are always extremely grateful. These donations allow us to purchase the latest equipment for use on Camposol. 

This time of year is a good time to make changes to your outside areas to make them safer:

Ensure children cannot access pools without adult supervision.

Eliminate slippery areas to reduce the risk of falls.  Steps are a major cause of slips and falls.

Look for the handrail when using steps. We all need a little help sometimes. 

Help FAST to help you.

All roadside accidents on Camposol where an ambulance is called alerts the Guardia Civil to attend, so it’s very important you don’t drink and drive. Get a non-drinker to drive.

If you have visitors who are on medication, make sure they bring enough medication with them for the duration of their stay.

If any of your visitors fall and bang their head, ensure they attend the medical centre as a matter of urgency or call an ambulance, then FAST. Head injuries can be very serious.