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In a medical emergency call 112 then call FAST on 968 970 626

FAST is a purely voluntary association funded by our registered charity CST (Community Support Team).

FAST provides emergency first response for medical emergencies on Camposol.

Two of our nurses

CST raises funds through various means; raffles, coach trips, darts tournaments and the famous FAST nurses are also out each Monday.

We also receive donations at times; the last donation of €100 was from the Welcome Group at the New Year’s Eve Dance. Our thanks go to them.

The FAST Book Stall is outside TJ Electricals, Camposol B on the second and last Friday of each month. You can also reserve tickets for the FAST Coach Trips:

Trip to Benidorm on 13th – 15th February, staying at the Melia hotel and there are only a few places left.

The Aguilas Carnival concludes on 17th February and CST/FAST has a coach going including seats along the procession route.

In December, FAST was called out 19 times requiring 15 ambulances.  We also get calls from people on Camposol who only want advice. We can advise on what medical facility is open, or maybe advise them to see a doctor. We will always respond when called if the caller needs help.

FAST has recruited more volunteers over the last few months, so we will be running another basic Responder Course within the next few months. We have been trying to get back to 24 hour cover and during January we managed to achieve just that. There will still be a few occasions when we cannot cover, but hopefully they will be few and far between. If we cannot cover, there will be a voicemail message when our number 968 970 626 is called.

FAST held a (BLS) Basic Life Support course for members of the public on 26th January at the Camposol Cultural Centre.  A report and photos will be in the next issue.

We have finally secured the purchase of two new defibrillators which we should hopefully be in receipt of by the end of February. We will then have the present defibrillators serviced and place one on Camposol A shopping/bar area and one on Camposol B shopping/bar area.

Training Tuesday

The British Consulate has again been in touch with FAST and has asked if they can attend one of our Tuesday morning sessions. They may wish to speak to other interested parties and registered charities. There will be more details available as we receive them. If necessary, we will post more information on Facebook PYM.

FAST Responders will at times have had to deal with very seriously ill casualties. They may also have to deal with sudden deaths. All this takes its toll on the Responders and their families. The training that the Responders receive is more than enough for them to give emergency life saving techniques. We are not always successful, but we will always do as much as we possibly can. Part of our training time is set aside for the Responders to talk about their more traumatic experiences whilst adhering to full confidentiality.

If you would like to join this great team of volunteers as a Responder (full training given) or as a Supporter, then come along to our Tuesday morning training at Camposol Cultural Centre, see one of us at the Book Stall or email recruitment@fast2016.org

If you have a question regarding this association you can email committee@fast2016.org