The Exhibition Hall of the Universidad Popular in the Avda de la Constitucion of Mazarrón hosts one of the most relevant exhibitions of recent years. The exhibition shows private collections donated for the occasion of works by the painter of Mazarron origin, Miguel García Vivancos. The exhibition, which was inaugurated by the Mayor of Mazarrón, Alicia Jiménez, can be seen until January 18.

The exhibition, curated by Darío Vigueras, pays tribute to an artist born in Mazarrón in 1895. Miguel García Vivancos travelled in his adolescence to Barcelona. Committed to the rights of workers, he joined the CNT with positions of responsibility in the Republican side. After the Civil War he had to emigrate to France. It was in the mid-twentieth century when his artistic expression was born, later becoming an influential naive style artist. He met Picasso and learned from other great Masters. His work travelled to galleries in Paris, Basel, Rome, Rabat and Zagreb.His paintings hung on the walls of rooms of great people like François Mitterrand, while he went unnoticed by the general public. He returned to Spain to live his last days in Cordoba.