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Nine more equines join Rojales Horse Rescue Sanctuary after a lifetime of neglect

Sweat, blood, tears and collaboration marked a difficult few weeks at Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, which has opened its doors to a ‘magnificent seven’ horses and ponies, plus another donkey and a horrifically neglected white pony.

Seven equines (four horses and three ponies) whose owners couldn’t feed them anymore were about to be evicted from the land they were renting.

Neighbours had been throwing some food to the skinny equines, but it wasn’t enough. With eviction pen

ding, the desperate owners had considered selling the herd to illegal horsemeat traders. They had also considered putting the animals to sleep, but it would have cost well over €2,000 to euthanise seven horses. The mother horse, her daughter and son, an auntie and three minis (two mares and a colt) were malnourished and dehydrated. The stallion’s hoofs were also in very poor condition.

A few days later, a donkey found by Spanish police in the streets of Valencia arrived at the centre. The thin and injured donkey had first been rescued by the Associació Animalista Tavernes, which saves cats and dogs in northern Spain, but one month after the rescue, the Associacio discovered they had to leave the land they rent. Without Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre, gentle Melvin the donkey would have gone to the dog pound, where he would have faced imminent death.

Annie the pony shortly after rescue

The worst was yet to come – on May 12th, Almoradí police brought in an abandoned and skeletal pony, who was covered in parasites and hooves so horrifically long she could barely walk.  The pony, which Sue and Rod have named Annie, is now on painkillers and eating well. A specialist farrier performed major rehabilitative work, cutting away up to 30cm of growth from each hoof to help Annie walk again without pain. This is just the beginning, as Annie, who is about 15 years old, most likely has laminitis and retracted tendons, meaning she will need surgery.

Sue said, “The way forward for animal welfare in Spain is to work with the police. We encourage the public to make a denuncia – an official report – when they witness animal cruelty.”


While the nine rescued equines have now found a safe place to call home, the work has just begun for Sue and Rod.

Brave Volunteer Prepares To Climb Machu Picchu and Raise Funds for Rojales Horse Sanctuary

Elaine Sissons during a visit to Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre earlier this year

Four years ago, UK-born Elaine Sission visited Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre and was blown away by the sight of 90 rescued equines, all happy and well cared for.

Elaine was shocked by the stories of abuse, starvation and neglect the rescued horses, ponies and donkeys had endured before being rescued by Sue and Rod Weeding and made a pledge to help the horses setting herself a major personal challenge to raise funds – this year, she has pledged to complete the difficult Machu Picchu climb in Peru.

“I was inspired by the dedication and hard work of Sue and Rod, making a huge difference to the lives of equines and doing everything in their power to rehabilitate them and help them recover from their abusive past,” said Elaine.

In 2015, she Sky Dived; in March 2016, the unstoppable volunteer trained to walk the Yorkshire Three Peaks; and in June 2017, at 60-years-old, she completed the gruelling Tough Mudder endurance event.

Elaine also often holds teas, sells cakes and organises raffles and fashion shows at her local pub to help the horse sanctuary.

She has single-handedly raised more than €4,000 for Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre. She visited the centre in March this year and got the opportunity to meet the centre’s official grandma, a recently rescued old mare named Beauty. The battered mare needs special shoes to relieve her ruined legs, which inspired Elaine to set herself another challenge and raise more funds for the centre.

“In August 2018, I will climb Machu Picchu in Peru. I’ll do the four-day Inca Trail,” said Elaine, who has been training non-stop in the UK. “Knowing the horses will live the rest of their lives in the comfort and safety of the rescue centre makes me very happy.”

Donations to Elaine’s fundraiser can be made online at www.easyhorsecare.net/donate/one-off-donation

Elaine’s Machu Picchu donation will be very timely as the centre recently rescued a family of horses (a mother, son, daughter and auntie). The latest addition means that the sanctuary now has to provide for almost 120 equines.

“I’ve made Sue and Rod’s motto mine: you can’t save the world by saving one horse but you can change the whole world for the horse that you save,” said Elaine.

The Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre relies entirely on donations to fund its important animal welfare work. Donations of cash or items for the centre’s network of six charity shops across the Alicante province are gratefully welcomed. A pick-up service is available to collect large donated items such as furniture and each shop also offers a delivery service for large items purchased in-store. Anyone interested in making a donation, becoming a long-term sponsor, or volunteering at the rescue centre or in the charity shops can call Sue on 652 021 980

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre at Rojales at Partido Lo Garriga, 59 is open to the public on the first Sunday of every month between 1pm and 4pm


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