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The Battle of Abuse and Abandonment

Marty the donkey. Photo – Elaine Warnock

Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre Foundation (EHCRC) based in Rojales currently has 123 equines under their care. They are asked by the Police every month to take in one or more abused or abandoned animals. There were seven in one go once, making 18 rescues so far this year!

Co-founder Sue Weeding said “Once a horse or donkey has been seized by the Police, we go along and collect the animal. We then become the custodian, but not the owner and therefore cannot rehome the equine.  It has to remain in our care.”

Marty the donkey with the farrier. Photo – Elaine Warnock

Many of these animals come from across Spain, not just locally and they often suffer from serious medical conditions.  Taking care of them incurs exorbitant medical and maintenance costs. EHCRC has a no-kill policy and believe that every animal deserves a second chance regardless of what condition it is in.

Annie, a 15 year old tiny white pony, was brought to them by Almoradi Police. She was suffering from severe laminitis, malnourishment, parasitic infestations both internally and externally and the worst case of overgrown hooves they had ever seen. Annie now has a good quality of life, although she will be disabled and a special-needs pony for the rest of her life due to the abuse she suffered.

The Farrier working on Marty the donkey. Photo – Elaine Warnock

Marty is a 17 year old donkey rescued from San Javier. He was severely neglected by his owner and his hooves were horrendously overgrown resulting in his hoof joint getting twisted back at an unnatural angle. He was in so much pain, that he was struggling to walk. EHCRC farrier, Enrique, put a special shoe on his deformed hoof as a temporary measure to correct the angle. Marty has adapted incredibly well to his new shoe and miraculously has now even started trotting. He has been castrated and is recovering very well.

All this takes a lot of time, money, labour and resources. EHCRC spends approximately 5,000€/week just to keep going, without medical costs and hospital bills. They don’t receive any financial help from the local councils and must raise their own funds. Floods this year have caused havoc and much of the alfalfa has been lost due to the bad weather.

Marty’s sorted feet. Photo- Elaine Warnock

They work 24/7 every day of the year, but due to financial restraints, they do not have enough workers to help them. Sue and Rod say “We will always open our doors when the Police call to take in an abused equine facing an uncertain future. The animals that come to us are high maintenance, but we will always continue to take care of them.”

Come and see for yourselves!

EHCRC is located outside Rojales at Partida Lo Garriga, 59 and is open to the public on the first Sunday of every month from 1pm-4pm.


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