Cruz Azul Helps Pets Of Flood Victims

The devastation caused by the recent catastrophic storms and floods in Los Alcázares meant that hundreds of homes were affected and many of the residents were left with just the clothes that they stood up in.

cruz azul Trolleys LoadedAll this happened just a few days before Christmas and the townspeople rallied together to help those affected, helping to clean up their flooded streets, homes and basements. People very generously donated their time, money, food, bedding, clothing and children’s presents to try and retrieve some semblance of order in time for Christmas.

cruz azul Donations for Los Alcazares PetsAdults and children were not the only ones to be affected by the catastrophe; much-loved pets were also rescued by their owners and they too lacked food and bedding. Cruz Azul volunteers and supporters decided to do something about it, doing a big shop and delivering several trolley loads of pet comforts, courtesy of volunteer, Andy Copas’ big car.

“It was a pleasure to be able to do something for people’s pets and make sure that they were looked after too” said Janis Johnstone, another Cruz Azul volunteer who helped deliver everything to the Town Hall.

Cruz Azul exists to provide veterinary care for the sick and injured pets of people in need and to promote responsible pet ownership. If you need help, would like to donate or to volunteer, they can be contacted by email on, via their website or call 693 017 616


Cruz Azul at the Town Hall