In the Town Hall of Mazarrón on 27 November was the meeting of the Local municipality Safety Board which was chaired by the Delegate of the Government in the Region of Murcia, Joaquín Bascuñana , and the Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, and which involved also Colonel of the 5th District, Jose Ortega, the Commander of the Traffic , Rafael Alvarez, and Lieutenant Commander, Antonio Alcaide , for the Guardia Civil , and the Councillor for Local Police , Isidro Coy, the Town Planning Councillor Francisco Garcia, and the head of the local police in Mazarrón , Gerardo Marin.

The meeting was focused primarily on two issues . First they addressed the general guidelines as to the safety of the village. In this sense, both Campillo and Bascuñana were pleased that “crimes have fallen and misdemeanors in the town by 16%, although the number of arrests increased by 12 %.” According to the Government Delegate , “These good results are due to the excellent co-ordination between local police and Guardia Civil of Mazarrón .” Co-ordination that the Mayor of Mazarrón has pledged to continue to promote the interests of improving safety for residents .

Another topic discussed was the controversy that has been generated in the town on the occasion of the breathalyser device that Traffic deployed during the celebration of the ‘Romería de Bolnuevo’. A device according to Bascuñana , ” was carried out to prevent and reduce accidents that day and that is not a specific issue of Mazarrón, but will be held in other municipalities in the rest of the Region to coincide with some event or celebration, as determined on the agenda of speed and alcohol controls the provincial traffic designs each month. “

In fact, the Chief Minister has made a positive reading of the device because ” of 1,080 breath tests carried out , 1,050 were negative . That is a success rate of only 2.77 % of the total. One thing of which we can rejoice at the great example of civic responsibility demonstrated by the citizens of Mazarrón. “

In this line , Bascuñana announced that ” this devices that had originated in Mazarrón will move to other parts Save of the Region , either through Guardia Civil and National Police, both have agreed to carrying this out at future events. ” Ginés Campillo also had a positive reaction to the data because ” it’s better they are carried out and fine those who do not comply with the law , instead of having to mourn victims of car accidents .”

The Chief Minister, accompanied by the Mayor of Mazarrón then visited the headquarters of the Guardia Civil in Puerto de Mazarrón , the Instituto Social de la Marina y la Planta de Cultivos de Mazarrón del Centro Oceanográfico de Murcia in Mazarrón. Of all the visits , Bascuñana highlighted the barracks ” as it is a building from 1951 and we want to know the status of the facility to see what their needs are and to study the status of this and other units owned by the Government of Spain .”

The Mayor of Mazarrón, Ginés Campillo, showed interest on behalf of Mazarrón Town Council to use some of these facilities “for Puerto de Mazarrón deserves significant attention on our part and would be very beneficial for the citizens of Puerto which could enable some municipal services in units that , today are not being taken full advantage of. ” The Mayor has thus opened the way for dialogue so that ” this idea can materialize someday, our neighbours being the main beneficiaries.