A reflection on Cloud Nine Drama’s “Revue” performed at La Molata in November.

Just a short drive along the motorway and I was at La Molata Social Club looking forward to an evening of Revue entertainment performed by Cloud Nine Drama. I enjoyed a quick drink at the bar before taking my seat to enjoy the show.

Variety is the spice of life and we had plenty of that in the first half of the Show. In fact it seems as though it was a show within a show and we were the audience within an audience – an interesting start. I enjoyed the Headmaster’s speech; is there a St. Lucifer’s school in Bradford? Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t,

Then an amusing sketch about vegetarians and carnivores searching for the cat, oh yes it was to eat it! Some stunning poems followed, read with feeling, about relationships, and a spirited version of ‘Anything You Can Do’ sung with relish. Could anyone do it better? But beware if your Doris puts on your slippers after your hard day’s work. You never know what she has been up to!

The interval arrived with me still wondering if one of our versatile entertainers really did become a teacher.

With the applause still ringing out, those of us who had ordered supper were soon served some absolutely delicious fish & chips and the vegetarians who did not fancy the cat were presented with a sumptuous looking vegetable pie.

Back to the Show suitably refreshed and the mixture, as before, yo-yoed our feelings from hilarious laughter to nostalgic thoughts. The audience certainly empathised with the joys of travelling with Bryan-Air, and were more than concerned that one of the Players would have their throat cut at the local Barber. They were more than relieved that no blood was spilt, but some of the cast were very suggestive when they agreed to ‘Let’s Do It’.

We were treated to some nostalgic poems of holidays past, and with the majority of the audience in their more senior years, poems on ageing probably struck a chord, but the scene of Heaven & Hell so brilliantly performed left us wondering whether to laugh or cry.

Beware of leaving your home empty, our two West Country schemers may find many more lucrative ways of putting your property to use. Is that why the TV cameras go to Camposol?

Well done ‘Cloud Nine’ – a great mixed revue catering for all tastes, come and tempt us again.

A satisfied spectator.