The closing ceremony and award ceremony of the II Amateur Theater Competition “Villa de Bullas” is on Friday, March 16, at the Casa de la Cultura de Bullas Auditorium

Last February, the II Amateur Theatre Competition “Villa de Bullas” took place, where the virtual company Grupo Teatral de Elche participated with the play “Floresta”, the second of the works was “Instruction Manual to Love and Murder” of the Ditirambo Coral Youth Association of Murcia and closing was the Coliseo Teatro Group with its play “Tres papás para Totó”, a funny comedy that delighted the audience.

For this reason, the jury has already decided the prizes that will be awarded to companies such as Best Work Gifted with € 300, Second Best Work: € 150, Third Best Work: € 100, Best Direction: € 200, Best Actor: € 100 and Best Actress: € 100.

If you want to attend the event, collect your invitation in Informajoven and discover the winners. In addition, the local company Maticate will act. DO NOT MISS IT!