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Early Learning kids playing together on Tinker

Great news!  Cavalli Foundation has received financing from Alhama Council Social Services to continue their project with the Early Learning Development Section started as a trial earlier this year. After seeing the improvements made by the eight tiny tots involved with regards to expressing desires, communication, centering attention and social skills, Social Services decided to extend the range of the project, much to the joy of the parents of these little ones with difficulties.  The project is to continue until the end of the year and will include 20 to 30 children with learning difficulties from underprivileged families in the Municipality of Alhama. We are all very pleased with this outcome, because not only the children and their families benefit from the teamwork carried out by Cavalli professionals and horses, but also all our rescued animals.  All the animals will be fed and cared for and will continue to receive the veterinary and general attention they need to stay healthy and happy.

Veronica and Reina with Juana Mari Guirao

The holistic approach to therapy work with people and animals adopted by Cavalli Foundation has attracted the attention of Juana Mari Guirao, President of the Council of Naturopaths in Murcia, who organised a radio interview in a programme called ‘El Rincon del Naturopata’ on Onda 3 Radio with Veronica, President of Cavalli and Reina, Occupational and Educational Therapist with the Foundation.  She was particularly interested in the bond between humans and animals that forms the basis of our Rehabilitation and Therapy.  Our horses are treated with loving care and attention and natural remedies as far as possible and they, in turn, project their feeling of well-being onto the people who have contact with them, producing a mutual benefit, thus our slogan ‘Helping Horses Help People’.

Children and adults who come to us to ride and take part in our equine activities also benefit from this atmosphere of well-being.  The feel of Cavalli and their horses gave rise to the filming of part of a British TV programme, ‘A New Life in the Sun’.  A family hack was filmed here the other day and will be aired in February or March of next year.

Yucky games – Halloween party

Half Term activities were totally booked up and Cavalli Kids spent the whole of October preparing for their favourite event of the year; Halloween Camp and Party.  They had to choose their horses, pick their Halloween fancy dress and face paint, plan their activities – all so exciting – all leading to an amazing party.

The next big event of the year is Christmas, just around the corner.  As always there will be Christmas Holiday Pony Club activities and Christmas Camp and party.  For more information click on Cavalli Facebook.

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