Things are really heating up at Cavalli with animals being homed, new animals coming in, animals at the vet’s and all the fundraising activities to help feed our rescue horses and ponies and other creatures big and small.

Toffee was brought to us just before Easter, abandoned, scared and crying on a main road near Portman; no chip of course so we wanted a suitable home for her. One very special Cavalli pupil, Daniel, named her ‘Angel’ but couldn’t take her home ‘cos he and his mum and dad already have a ‘Toffee’ of their own. Our Toffee has gone to a great home, a big country house in Puente Tocinos with loads of people to love her and other dogs for her to live with.

cavalli Skippy the day she came to CavalliSkippy, our paraplegic kitten, has been a worry recently. She was on a drip for three days due to kidney failure and after many visits to the vet and antibiotic jabs she is back to ‘normal’. She was brought to us about 7 months ago, no bigger than an apple and totally paralysed in her back end. cavalli Skippy home from hospitalShe was such a brave, lively little thing that we decided to fight for her and she has been quite an example of resilience! Betsy and Mathilda, two of our little holiday riders and brilliant fundraisers, decided to take their old toys to the Car Boot Sale to help pay for Skippy’s vet’s bills. At half term they donated 50€ which was raised at their birthday party after asking for money for the Cavalli animals instead of birthday presents. Mathilda says that Cavalli is children’s heaven! Betsy is a bit younger than her sister had a bit of trouble parting with some of her old toys, but she’s only four. Bless her!

Cavalli Volunteers, Jacqui, Emily and Nuria have been spending time with two pretty wild young ponies so that they can be brought over to Cavalli without causing them too much trauma. They are terrified of just the touch of a hand let alone a head collar. Their mums, Pixie and India, have been here for a couple of years, but the young ones have been kept at a foster home. Hopefully Sophie and Daisy will join their mums soon.

cavalli Making friends with DaisyThis year’s Easter Camp broke all records, with 15 kids of three different nationalities, 2 Vegans, 1 Egg intolerant and our wonderful boy, Daniel on his first camp – a huge success.

cavalli Dominic Doyle gets rosette for his Dressage RepriseCavalli part-time volunteer/apprentice, Dominic Doyle, trained especially to do a Dressage Reprise for the practical part of a formation course for Paraequestrian Judges organised by the Murcia Region Riding Federation. He had never done any dressage before but he did a brilliant exercise in the arena so that the judges in formation could practice evaluating and giving points ‘in situ’. A big vote of thanks for Dom. Well done!

We always need volunteers or donations and our doors are open to welcome people who would like to look around and know more about Cavalli.
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