Meeting of Pony Club kids -  Stop Animal Cruelty
Meeting of Pony Club kids – Stop Animal Cruelty

The Cavalli Foundation team is tremendously proud of the Pony Club kids that have been working on a project to stir up awareness of the need to stop cruelty to animals. Starting as an imaginary game the children were playing during Christmas camp, the project gained structure and provided material for a talk at a Primary school in Alcantarilla and visits to Cavalli by the infants from a school in Era Alta. It has also given rise to visits next term by all the primary pupils from the Ana Maria Matute School near Murcia.

That is not the big news, however!
We ́re so excited because the Mayoress of Alhama has granted the children an audience to present their petition, Stop Animal Cruelty/No al Maltrato Animal and she will hold a ceremony at the Town Hall to present the children with their certificates and trophies. The children take their project very seriously and have important requests to make to the Mayoress.

Alicia with Sabba – D´Genes Therapy Session

Meanwhile Cavalli Horse Assisted Therapy has reached the end of the project ‘Seahorse’ sponsored by the Fundación para la Promoción del Deporte Ecuestre, therapy sessions for children with rare diseases from D ́Genes Association, Totana. These children are a minority group and, as such, do not always receive treatment for lack of investigation and financing which means that any alternative remedies are more than welcome. Unfortunately for them and their families we can’t continue to treat them when the funding from grants runs out.

Manolito rescued rabbit
Manolito rescued rabbit

Our latest rescue is a lovely little bunny called Manolito. Despite him being roughly treated or totally ignored by people in the past, he is very sociable and house trained. He will hop around the house, always going back to his cage for a poo and pee!

We’ve still got a big group of geese needing rehoming. They make excellent guard dogs and don’t need much looking after; just food, space and plenty of water. If anybody lives a bit isolated, has some land around the house and would like to adopt a few geese, please get in touch.

Horse Assisted Therapy for children with
Rare Diseases

Summer riding activities are getting booked up very quickly now, so if you have family coming over with children who would like to ride, do contact us ASAP on 00 34 636 172 198
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