We wish you all a very Happy New Year!  May 2019 bring your dreams come true!

Cavalli Foundation Stand at
International Volunteers’ Day 2018

December was a happy month at Cavalli Foundation, full of surprises and excitement; a wonderful end to 2018.  As every year, the beginning of December sees the celebration of International Volunteers’ Day in Alhama Council Square and, as always, Cavalli participated with a stand where the team gave the public information about the services offered and the social work carried out by the Foundation.  This year we had a beautiful sunny day and plenty of people showing interest, especially in the projects involving small children with learning difficulties.

Sol and Lucero

A birthday fundraising effort made enough money to enable us to open our doors to two handsome donkeys, Sol & Lucero; brothers that were born in the cortijo where they lived until they could no longer be cared for.  Happily they will now continue to live together as part of the Cavalli herd.  They will soon be looking for sponsors, so anyone who would like to visit them or sponsor them would be very welcome.

The Cockerels

We were woken one morning at the crack of dawn by a cacophony of cockerels crowing.  To our surprise we found 15 cockerels in the garden – still don’t know where they came from!  They are beautiful birds and have settled into the routine with the geese, Dottie the pig and the goats.  However, the vet we contacted about the cockerels has advised us that it could be dangerous for the geese, particularly once mating season starts, to keep the cockerels, as they tend to be aggressive, so we need homes for the cockerels.  Anybody that could offer a couple of cockerels a good home, please get in touch – not for the pot or cock-fighting, obviously!

In January, for those of you that are still on holiday, we have New Year’s Camp from Wednesday 2nd January to Saturday 5th January and Pony Club in the morning of Saturday 5th January.  Please contact us to book.

Call us on 00 34 636 172 198, email us at infocavallifoundation@gmail.com or visit us on Facebook

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