Animuni’s tots stroking Tinker

Cavalli Foundation has started the year with renewed energy and interesting projects amongst which Animal Assisted Therapy and Education figure at the top of the list.  The Cavalli team believes that rescuing and rehoming is not enough to eradicate cruelty to animals and lack of consideration for nature and the environment. These problems have to be tackled through a change in thinking and our children and young people are the ones who will bring it about.  Cavalli Foundation projects have been devised to help children discover the important role that contact with animals has in their lives as a means towards a feeling of well-being.

The girls tickling Lucero’s ears

Alhama Council supports projects such as Therapy For Early Learning Development in children under 6 years old and has asked Cavalli to extend this to cover those over 6 years that have gone into Primary School to help with their integration – 6 and Above!

Animuni’s children in the vegetable garden

In the New Year we were visited by 160 children from the Christmas School organised by Animunis for the Council.  They had a great time meeting our animals and taking part in workshops such as grooming, caring for and leading ponies, vaulting, riding and working in the vegetable garden, specifically planting carrots! None of this would be possible without the participation and collaboration of our rescue animals.  All the animals take part willingly and enjoy these visits as much as the children who come.

We have managed to rehome two of the cockerels.  They have gone to a private corral full of hens where they will be well looked after.  The others are still living happily in the garden, scratching around in the dirt and forming the dawn chorus.

The donkeys, Sol and Lucero, have settled down nicely and are great fun to have around.  They are so playful, curious and friendly. They just love people. If anybody would like to sponsor one of the donkeys, or just come for a visit, contact us and we would be happy to show you around.

We must say a big word of thanks to all the people who donated to our Birthday and Christmas Fundraising efforts organised through Google on Facebook.  Elizabeth’s Birthday Fundraiser gave Cavalli over 100€, enough to bring Sol and Lucero to the centre and Veronica’s Christmas Fundraiser earned over 600€, which paid for our first load of hay in 2019 which lasted two weeks. We are very grateful to all those friends and supporters who so generously donated to the cause. We and all the animals love you and thank you.

Time passes so quickly and we have come around to Spring Half Term already.  Cavalli will have half term Pony Club activities from February 18th. If you wish to book for children who will be here for their holidays please call us on 0034 636 172 198

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