Spanish Postal System

November 27th, 2012|Categories: LIVING IN SPAIN|

How to Write Spanish Addresses Correos advises that addresses (dirección) in Spain should be formatted as follows: • Top line: Full name of the recipient, or company name • 2nd line: Type of street, name of street, building number, flat number, entrance number. • 3rd line: Post code and town name • 4th line: Name of province […]

Weekly Markets in the Murcia Region

April 14th, 2012|Categories: LIVING IN SPAIN|

Abarán viernes/Friday Águilas sábados/Saturday Albanilla lunes/Monday Albudeite jueves/Thursday Alcantarilla miércoles/Wednesday Aledo domingos/Sunday Alhama de Murcia martes/Tuesday Archena sabado/Saturday Balsicas jueves/Thursday Balso Pintada miercoles/Wednesday Bullas martes/Tuesday Cabo de palos domingos/Sunday Calasparra viernes/Friday [...]

Bullfighting Demonstration

February 27th, 2012|Categories: LIVING IN SPAIN|

Going to a Bullfight demonstration was not something I ever expected I would be doing. I got up in the morning with a feeling that was a mixture of fear (of what I may see), pride that I was doing something that may make a difference in the future, and sickened that I was going to be so close to something that I hate and abhor and have pushed to the corners of my mind. […]

Residency in Spain

February 2nd, 2012|Categories: LIVING IN SPAIN|

The right of a person to live and work in Spain depends on their citizenship as follows: European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA) Citizens: All EU and EEA citizens and their family members have the right to live and work in Spain. However, if remaining in Spain longer than three months, a registration certificate as an EU resident is required. […]

Driving Rules

July 13th, 2011|Categories: LIVING IN SPAIN|

Many of the basic rules of the road in Spain are very similar to those across the rest of Europe. Spain has recently begun imposing severe penalties on those not adhering to these regulations. […]

Valencia is about to Burn

July 13th, 2011|Categories: LIVING IN SPAIN|

Every year the people of beautiful Valencia have an attack of pyrotechnics…. […]