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It’s safe to say that the past month has been somewhat of a mixed bag: quiet weeks, busy weeks, lots of hard work going on behind the scenes on various initiatives, resulting in some good positive action.

During the period 15th May – 15th June, we have had two distinct periods of quiet, in contrast to a week or so when we were getting towards ten burglaries reported on Camposol. However, the good news is a man has been arrested for burglary and a stolen car has been recovered. This was in no small part due to a report made to the Guardia by one of our members, reporting a suspicious vehicle parked outside an unoccupied neighbour’s house. It is clear that if matters are reported, then the Police will respond.

Following on from that, I would like to remind those of you who have access to an IPhone or Android phone, then you can download an App for free called AlertCops 4.0. This App lets you report suspicious incidents via a chat option (texting) and you can select various languages during the registration period. The Guardia will reply to you and let you know what action they are taking. So, really no excuse now!!!

In relation to other matters, one of our coordinators put forward an initiative to try and increase the amount of people who actually reported crime if they were unlucky enough to have been a victim. The suggestion was to part fund the cost of an interpreter who would go with the victim to the Police Station in order to complete a denuncia. This in turn, should raise the awareness of the Police and hopefully, long term, increase the amount of patrols on Camposol. Due to the generosity of businesses and individuals on Camposol, we are pleased to announce that, until further notice, we will offer this service completely FREE OF CHARGE. This will be open to anyone who owns/rents/or holidays anywhere on Camposol, regardless of nationality. Anyone requiring this service should in the first instance, contact their sector coordinator who will arrange for a suitably qualified interpreter to get in touch. For anyone not on Facebook, we will take requests via 3rd parties.

We are aware that there are still burglaries being committed in the vicinity and again it is mainly through snapping locks. Please, if you can, have your locks changed to anti-snap and let’s make it more difficult for them. Likewise, as always, please keep up the good work and report anything suspicious.

Kind Regards

Phil Wilcockson