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As I write this, the nights are drawing in and the weather is getting cooler. Most of our visitors have left us and many residents have returned.

Throughout August and September, we only had a handful of crimes reported on Camposol, which is an amazing achievement, given the fact at one point we were having more than this each day. A massive thank you to everyone involved in making Camposol a safer place to live, holiday and work.

As we approach the darker nights, it may be worth a reminder of the following points (if you are able to):

  • Fit Anti-Snap Locks – at least to the last external door or reja.
  • Light Up Your Property – dusk to dawn lights are a real deterrent.
  • Make Sure Foliage Is Cut Back to make your property more visible to others.
  • Let Your Neighbours Know If You Are Going Out, Or Going Away; that way any unexpected noise will be hopefully investigated and reported.
  • Fit Alarms; even if it is the Chino stand-alone type of alarm which cost about a euro each. They will give a loud audible signal if the door or window is opened.
  • Be vigilant; at this time of year it is not uncommon for offenders to watch for people going out for the evening and then committing crime. When you leave your house, be aware of anything suspicious; people hanging around, vehicles you don’t recognise, suspicious behaviour or any acculmination of the above.
  • Please, Please Report Anything Suspicious; firstly to the Guardia and then to the Security Groups.

Unfortunately, we have had reports of a man exposing himself from the roof of a property on Camposol B. The matter has been reported to the Guardia, but there is some dispute as to what can be done as he is doing this from his own property. Members of the Security Group are endeavouring to speak to the man, as well as seeking guidance from the Guardia to confirm their position regarding this unsavoury matter. Please, if you see this man exposing himself, continue to report the matter to the Police.

Finally, we are looking at buying some equipment to help us during the winter months. We are currently evaluating such things as fluorescent armbands for patrollers, neighbourhood watch type stickers and posters, search lights and one or two other bits and pieces.

Please take care and look out for each other.

Kind regards

Phil Wilcockson