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As we enter the summer months, please remember if you leave windows open, ensure that there are no valuables or keys visible, as there have been a number of what we believe to be opportunist type burglaries where items of property have been stolen through the open window. Better still, close the windows at night time or when you go out. Fit window alarms, less than a Euro at the Chino shops.

There have been a number of burglaries on Camposol this month, but thankfully not on the scale we have previously seen. Sometimes when it’s quieter, it’s difficult to keep people motivated into continuing with patrols and rooftop watches. However, this is vastly important and probably the reason why crime has reduced in the area. Please, please continue to do whatever you can and also to report anything suspicious. If we all do a little, it will make Camposol a safer place to live, work and holiday.

Behind the scenes, we have numerous people working to ensure the groups share information, ideas and where necessary, resources. For obvious reasons, these activities are not released to the general security groups, but are usually communicated via messenger. It is then up to the coordinators to decide what, if anything can/should be published.

If you would like to get a bit more involved then please contact your Sector Coordinator as follows:

Sector A: Carl Powell

Sector B: Jfinris Whizz (Sheila)

Sector C (Lower): Kathy Hyett

Sector C (Upper): Paula Louise Walker

Sector D: David Hemming

We are also supported by Maxine (Administration) as well as the many other admins we have who help look after each group. Between us, we have a really good mix of skills and knowledge, with a mixture of residents, people working, retired and those doing a bit of both!!

We have a good working knowledge of Camposol and have good links with local businesses whose support we are always grateful for.The translator service for reporting burglaries is now up and running and has proved successful to date. The Security Group will pay for a translator to assist in the reporting of crimes on Camposol. If you require this service please contact your Sector Coordinator.

Please stay safe and look after each other.

Phil Wilcockson