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On Monday 19th February 2018, we held our inaugural meeting/presentation, at the Camposol Golf Club. The presentation was attended by some 250 people, who were keen to learn about the group, what it stands for, what we can do and above all else what they themselves could do to help each other and reduce crime on Camposol.

The presentation lasted for just over an hour. The minutes of the presentation have been published on the Camposol Security Group Facebook page. On conclusion of the presentation, attendees were invited to talk to one of the relevant businesses who had set up information points in the foyer.

The meeting with the Guardia Civil took place as arranged on 13th February. Our representative met with the Commandant as well as Senior Investigators. This meeting was informative and progressed well. The Commandant has requested that he be afforded the opportunity to deliver a presentation to our community and hopefully this can be arranged for some time in May. We will continue to work and liaise with the Guardia at every opportunity.

The period from the 19th January – 19th February 2018, saw five burglaries/attempted burglaries, reported on Camposol to our coordinators and admin team. Whilst this is a massive improvement, it is still five too many. Again, the majority of these offences had been committed by snapping the door locks.

If you are able to, please change your locks to anti-snap ones and let’s make it as difficult as possible for the criminals.

We cannot afford to become complacent over the coming months. We need volunteers to step up and get involved with rooftop watching in particular. (Hopefully the warmer weather will help!!) This is our primary source of information and intelligence, as you can often be alerted to criminal activity just by listening. You also have the knowledge that you are safe at your home. We do not expect people to commit to doing this every night or for long periods of time, but just half an hour here and there can make a huge difference.

Please call the Guardia if you see or hear anything suspicious.

Finally, if you have a vested interest in Camposol, please look at joining our Camposol Security Group on Facebook. It is a group of volunteers working to make Camposol a safer place to live and work.  If you would like to be part of that, please join.

Kind regards

Phil Wilcockson