Judicial Investigation

In early October the National Court of Auditors started an investigation into the construction process of Camposol.  Two of the financial irregularities highlighted were that the Justo y Manoli company was ordered by the Superior Court of Justice, to pay 3.6 million euros to Mazarrón Council in 2010, for building 724 homes without a municipal building licence, yet the Council supposedly did nothing to collect payment of the aforementioned ruling, plus the Audit Counsel adds “The Town Council initiated the administrative procedure to seize the guarantees that Justo y Manoli deposited as a bond for the urbanisation works, but did not proceed to collect them.” The amount of these guarantees exceeds 2,714,000€! The total of these two acts of abject negligence amount to over 6.3 million euros.  This not insignificant sum would have gone a long way to solving many of Camposol’s problems!

Camposol Medical Centre

At the end of June, the CRA received a request for help from the staff of the Medical Centre (Consultorio) on Camposol A.  For many months, the air conditioning and heating in the waiting area had not been working, despite numerous applications for repairs to Mazarrón Council who own and are responsible for maintenance of the centre.  Nothing was happening and no response was received, even after a written intervention by the Chief Health & Safety Officer for Mazarrón asking for the situation to be resolved, pointing out that air conditioning is not a luxury in a Medical Centre; it is a necessity. There was still no action from the Council.

Silvana Buxton, Acting CRA Chairperson, arranged a meeting with the Health and Safety Officer to discuss how best the CRA could help.  It was decided that contact should be made by the CRA, representing patients and staff who use the centre, with the Murcia Regional Health Service Officials to alert them to the situation and solicit their assistance.  To this end, on 19th August, the CRA wrote to the Regional Health & Safety Official, Regional Director General of Services, the Regional Minister for Health and Regional Director General of Planning and Patient services.

On 3rd October a new air conditioning unit (hot and cold air) was delivered to the Medical Centre and on 9th October engineers arrived and installed the new system which is now operational.

Mosquito Resurgence

After the rains of late September, mosquitos, particularly the Tiger variety, made a resurgence.  In response, the CRA lodged an official action request to Mazarrón Town Hall. The Pest Control Supervisor arranged for immediate urbanisation-wide treatment and the Mosquito Cannon Vehicle has been travelling the urbanisation treating roads and publicly accessible areas.  Homeowners should to be aware that they are responsible for the treatment or eradication of casual untreated water on their property.

Aqualia before

Aqualia after

Water Leaks

The CRA has been working to get the roads and footpaths made good following water repairs on all sectors; C and D are now complete.

We would like to thank Gaspar Miras Lorente, Mazarrón PSOE Councillor, for his invaluable help in reporting and coordinating the required work with Aqualia.  See before and after pictures. There are many more pictures on the web page www.camposolresidents.es If you wish to get in touch, or tell us we missed some, please email us at info@camposolresidents.es