It is summer and Camposol Reading Club is not meeting in July and August. That does not mean that the books are on the shelves, gathering dust. No, when you are an avid reader, you take advantage of lazy days on the beach or around the pool; not only to dive into the refreshing water, but also to dive into the magic world of literature.

‘Easy read’ seems to be the key when the club’s members choose summer-reading. The genre most favoured appears to be mystery, crime and thrillers.

Deep Fear by Rachel Lynch.

Bodies are being found; all the clues point to it being the same killer, who seems to be righting wrongs. Set in the wide lonely spaces of Cumbria.

Blood Feud by Anna Smith.

A young woman takes over as the head of a criminal gang when her mother and brother are both shot. She is determined to turn the family round from crime to honesty.

The Last Mrs Parrish by Liv Constantine.

The cover describes it as ‘a psychological thriller with a shocking twist’. A much lighter read than many other books in the same genre. When all the threads of the book are revealed and tied together the twist is quite satisfying.

Beautiful Liars by Isabel Ashdown.

A gripping thriller about friendships, dark secrets; a tangled web of secrets and lies “

Our House by Louise Cavendish.

On a bright morning in the London suburbs, a family move into a house they’ve just bought on Trinity Avenue. Nothing strange about that, except it’s your house and you didn’t sell it.

Star of The North by D.B John.

An explosive thriller set in North Korea, but it is not all murder and suspense.

A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles.

A lovely read about a Russian living under house arrest in the 1920’s Moscow, having escaped execution for his crime of being an aristocrat. He is actually confined in a hotel and this story is about his life there, the people he meets and how he adjusts to his new life.

Hitman Anders and the Meaning of it All by Jonas Jonasson, the author of The 100 Year Old Man Who Climbed out of the Window.

It is a bit of light, mindless reading

Home by Amanda Berriman.

Meet Jessika, aged four and a half. She lives in a flat with her mother and baby brother Toby, and she knows a lot. She does not know that their landlord is threatening to evict them and that Toby’s cough is going to get much worse, or that Paige, her new best friend, has a secret that will explode their world.

With the exception of July and August, we meet every first Thursday of the month between 2pm and 4pm in The Social Centre, Camposol B. The next meeting will be Thursday 6th September.

You can follow us on Facebook, if you cannot do the meetings.

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