What a wonderful way to end the year!  Our largest attendance in several months was entertained by Red Strokes and Cherry K; collectively known as Red Cherries. As well as their normal repertoire, they also sang a few Christmas songs. The dance floor, as expected, was full all night. Thank you to all who have been coming along throughout the year(s) and supporting this club.  Here’s to another year when in March we will have been operating for 6 years!

Having been involved in the ‘country music scene’ for many years, whenever the subject of country music arises, a common reaction is “Oh, songs about dying dogs and divorces etc”!

Country music does reflect all aspects of life.  As Harland Howard (a prolific songwriter) once said, “Country music is 3 chords and the truth”!

These types of song from long, long ago are no longer part of the country scene. Get on to You Tube/Spotify and have a listen to the songs we play today such as ‘Texas Time’ by Keith Urban or ‘Lonely Drum’ by Aaron Goodwin. If you like these songs, why not come along and listen to them with others with the same taste in music?

We hold our dances in Mariano’s, Camposol A. These dances are normally held on the 1st Friday of each month.  However, in January a new name to us; Brian Tindall will entertain us on the 2nd Friday – 11th January. Entry is €4.

We revert back to the 1st Friday in February (1st February) when Los Alacranes will make a return visit and on 1st March, Christine will provide the live music.