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Autumn is well on the way now and we have already had heavy thunderstorms and showers, but they have been followed by lovely sunny days and cooler nights – the perfect growing weather for weeds! It has been good weather for transplanting any overgrown or unwanted shrubs or plants too, so you might like to donate some to us from your garden! Our team will come and move them to a place where they can grow for everyone to enjoy, or they can be left behind the ‘Welcome to C’ wall. Thanks to all of you for those plant donations received so far.

Our Maintenance Team continue the rota of weeding, cleaning and spraying this month as part of the continual programme covering all streets of C Sector North. They have also cleared a large amount of silt and stones from our streets after the heavy downpours, to make sure all were clear and the roads safe for passing traffic.

This month the Volunteers have spent many hours watering, trimming trees and shrubs and the inevitable weeding! We also filled two dangerous potholes on Sector B with concrete.

We would like to welcome back Project Manager Ken and also appeal to any more of you who would like to join our Wednesday Morning Volunteers, either on a regular or occasional basis; you will be rewarded with a free breakfast! Contact us if you can spare a bit of time and energy, or just turn up at 9am at the Welcome Wall at the bottom of the dual carriageway and help improve our area while making new friends in the process!  Just get in touch with Graham, our Chairman on 604 253 604. All the effort means ‘C’ is looking better each year and also because of the donations you generously give, either regularly to our scheme or in the buckets.  Thank you.

Please check chalkboards and Facebook for any more news http://www.greenfingersgardenandsocialgroup.com/