Our Maintenance Team is still clearing, weeding and spraying all streets of C North as usual throughout the hotter months, but the phenomenal weed growth this year is making it a much longer job, so if we don’t get to your road as often during Summer, please bear with us; streets are done in strict rotation.

The hall was full at our AGM last month, where there were a few changes;

Our new Chairman is Graham Harris who has been a regular volunteer and Vice Chairman for two years.

Retiring Chairman, John Osborne, becomes our Honorary President. He reminded us all in his speech that we had a record Bucket Collection over the past year, reflecting all the hard work put in by our Team and the volunteers – the gravel laid on verges during the past year amounted to over 100 tonnes!

Other ‘newbies’ are John Craig (Treasurer) and Margaret Harris (acting Secretary).

Our volunteers have been planting donated plants, filling large potholes with tarmac, pruning, spreading 14 tonnes of gravel along the Pig Farm Road, weeding and yes; watering! This needs to continue, as some plants are not yet established even in the recent, heavy showers. If you would like to give any plants near your home or holiday home a drink, it would be really appreciated and if you can spare a couple of hours volunteering on a Wednesday morning, just join us at the Welcome Wall on the dual carriageway – breakfast butties are free!

Please support our social functions as they raise much needed funds: Our Street Party and BBQ was a great success, until a huge storm blew in at around 10pm and we all had to pack up very hurriedly. It was also DJ Carl Thomas’s birthday so we surprised him with a Welsh Sheep cake!

Please save the date for our 60’s Night on 28th September at the Golf Club, again with Carl Thomas.

For more news and information, please contact Graham, our Chairman on 604 253 604, John, our President on 634 325 427 or have a look at Facebook, our chalkboards & our website