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Benefits of Waxing

Are you tired of using the blades? If you are there is no need to worry anymore!

Waxing is a convenient, quick, cost-effective and long lasting hair removal method. Today the process is common with both men and women.

Waxing can be employed to remove hair from the majority of body parts. You can wax your face, eyebrows, chest, back, arms, underarms, legs and even the bikini line. With Waxing the hair does not grow back fast and takes weeks.  Normally it takes about 3-6 weeks before the hair grows back. The only parts of your body where you cannot apply wax are the eyelashes, hairs of the nose and inside your ears.

Long Term Hair Removal

Waxing works from the hair roots. The hair is pulled from its original source. This ensures that you enjoy a longer lasting hair removal solution. When compared to shaving you don’t have to do Waxing that often. At the end of it all Waxing is more cost-effective than shaving.

Smooth Skin

If you are shaving, the chances of skin rashes are higher. This is common with sensitive skins and should be approached cautiously. Waxing is a good option as the method does not result in skin rashes.

Healthy Hair Growth

In shaving the hair grows faster and tougher. This is not an appealing character as it makes your skin rough. With Waxing your hair gets to grow slowly and finely. In the long run this results in smooth skin. Everyone wants a fine looking skin and if shaving compromises your skin alignment it’s time to shift to Waxing.

Painless Hair Removal

Shaving exposes your skin to possible irritation.  With Waxing your skin is rarely irritated as the method employs the use of skin-friendly solutions that protects against skin reddening, irritation and bumps. The gels result in a painless hair removal process.


Waxing is seen as an effective solution for removing hair in all individuals, especially those with sensitive skins. The process is simple as it involves the application of thick wax on your skin. After this, the application is removed with a muslin cloth or paper strips. With simple practice you get to control fast hair growth in your body as you maintain a smoother skin.

Body Waxing is available at both The Salon, Camposol C or The Salon 2, Camposol A.

Prices from 3€


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