The Department of Environment and Services of the Coast have organized a new day of cleaning on beaches to promote the care of the Mazarron coast. To participate you must sign up for free in the email

The Councillor for the Environment, Plácida Gómez, explained that the “beach cleaning day will be held on Sunday, March 1 and will take place on the beaches of Puerto and Rihuete. It will begin at 9:30am with two meeting points for the participants – in la plaza de las comunidades autónomas for those carrying out the activity in Puerto and Cafe Buenavista for those carrying out the activiity on the Rihuete beach

David Fernández, of the group ‘Mazarrón Si’ that has coordinated the activity with the City Council, explained that “more than being a day of cleaning it’s an awareness day so that together we keep the beaches clean”. Fernández recalled that in the day held in August “more than 300 kilos of waste were collected, especially plastics that end up in the sea and affect marine biodiversity.” Therefore, Fernández highlighted the importance of these days because it is a defense of the marine environment and not just a simple cleaning of beaches

The First Deputy Mayor, Ginés Campillo, stressed that “awareness comes through education and you have to make a lot of noise with these days” urging the media to cover such activities “so that people know they exist and take a lot more awareness of maintaining a clean environment. ”