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Peaches – Melocotones

September 27th, 2016|Categories: Fruit of the month|

The Peach (melocoton) grows on a deciduous tree native to the region of Northwest China between the Tarim Basin and the north slopes of the Kunlun Shan mountains from where they spread to rest of the world via ancient silk routes. [...]

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March 29th, 2016|Categories: Fruit of the month|

The Strawberry, Fresa, is one of the most popular berry fruits in the world. There are more than 600 species of Strawberries that differ in flavour, size and texture yet they all have the same characteristic heart-shaped, red flesh and seeded coat together with small, regal, leafy green caps and stems that adorn their crowns. […]

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Apples – manzanas

December 27th, 2015|Categories: Fruit of the month|

The Apple Tree is a deciduous tree in the rose family best known for its sweet, pomaceous fruit. It is cultivated worldwide as a fruit tree. In the wild, Apples grow readily from seeds. However, like most perennial fruits, Apples are ordinarily propagated asexually by grafting. […]

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Pineapple – Piña

October 27th, 2015|Categories: Fruit of the month|

The Pineapple – Piña – is a tropical plant with edible multiple fruit consisting of coalesced berries, also called Pineapples. They can be cultivated from a crown cutting of the fruit, possibly flowering in 20–24 months and fruiting in the following six months. […]

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Oranges – Naranjas

September 25th, 2015|Categories: Fruit of the month|

The Orange, specifically, the Sweet Orange, is a hybrid, between pomelo and mandarin. Sweet Oranges were mentioned in Chinese literature as far back as 314 BC, but is unknown in the wild state. Oranges were considered a luxury item and wealthy people grew them in private conservatories, called orangeries. […]

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Cherries – Guindas

July 27th, 2015|Categories: Fruit of the month|

Cherries are the fruit of plants known as the Prunus and is a fleshy drupe or a stone fruit. It is unusual as the fruit does not have a groove like a plum. Cherries grow well in most of Europe, Western Asia and parts of North Africa. […]

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Lemons – Limones

May 27th, 2015|Categories: Fruit of the month|

The Lemon (limon) is a small evergreen tree originally developed as a cross between the lime and the citron and are thought to have originated in China or India, having been cultivated in these regions for about 2,500 years. Their first introduction to Europe was by Arabs who brought them to Spain in the 11th century. […]

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Bananas – platano

February 25th, 2015|Categories: Fruit of the month|

A Banana is an edible fruit which varies in size, colour and firmness. It is usually elongated and curved, with soft flesh rich in starch covered with a skin which may be green, yellow, red, purple, or brown when ripe. The fruits grow in clusters hanging from the top of the plant. Banana crops are vulnerable to destruction by high winds, such as tropical storms or cyclones. As a non-seasonal crop, Bananas are available fresh all year-round. […]

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