Noahs ARC

Noah's Arc is a registered animal rescue charity in the Murcia region of Spain created to rescue sick or injured animals. We are now also able to re home dogs throughout Europe.
IF YOU would like to help us fight against animal cruelty and neglect please contact us on 699 352 818
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Noah’s ARC August 2019

August 1st, 2019|Categories: Noahs ARC|

Sirius is a Spanish sheep dog x and was found abandoned in a local town.  Although not thin, he was covered in ticks and fleas so not cared for.  He is [...]

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Noah’s ARC July 2019

July 1st, 2019|Categories: Noahs ARC|

Peppa was found wandering on Mazarrón Country Club. She is approximately 15 months old. She had some minor cuts and scratches on her face, possibly due to another dog, but apart [...]

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Noah’s ARC June 2019

June 1st, 2019|Categories: Noahs ARC|

Betsie is a small breed dog weighing only 9kg. She was found on the motorway, but is now safe & treated for ticks, fleas & worms. Betsie will be spayed soon [...]

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Noah’s ARC May 2019

May 1st, 2019|Categories: Noahs ARC|

Amber - a beautiful two year old Podenco girl that was in danger of being run over on a busy road. She is quite shy but that is normal because she [...]

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Noah’s ARC April 2019

April 1st, 2019|Categories: Noahs ARC|

Luca’s owner has been poorly and he is no longer able to look after her and has asked us to find her a new home. Luca is a 2 year old [...]

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Noah’s ARC March 2019

March 1st, 2019|Categories: Noahs ARC|

Willow was found lying by the side of the road. She was in a very poor state, but is now fully recovered. She is a beautiful Border Collie x with such [...]

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Noah’s ARC February 2019

February 1st, 2019|Categories: Noahs ARC|

Leo, a handsome Labrador boy, has been in a small compound since he was a baby.  He has had no love or walks and the only interaction he gets is when [...]

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Noah’s ARC January 2019

January 1st, 2019|Categories: Noahs ARC|

Cooper Cooper is 11 years old.  This boy’s foster dad is not well so we are looking for a new foster home or better still adoption. Cooper was a long term [...]

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Noah’s ARC December 2018

November 30th, 2018|Categories: Noahs ARC|

Milo is really sweet, but was very scared when he arrived. He is still quite shy, but getting better every day.  We wonder what has happened to him in his [...]

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