The Department of the Treasury is already processing applications for the reduced garbage rate for owners of business premises that have remained closed as a result of the confinement measures by RD 463/2020 of the State of Alarm.

For this, an office has been set up on the ground floor of the Hacienda del Ayuntamiento building, on Calle Gómez Jordana in Mazarrón, where those interested can submit their applications until July 31 to access a rate of 5.58 euros per bimester, as agreed among the economic measures aimed at alleviating the crisis by Covid-19.

Those interested should come with a copy of the invoice corresponding to the January / February two-month period of the aforementioned fee and the completed application that can be downloaded from the municipal website at the following link:
This process can also be carried out electronically through the Citizen’s Folder on the municipal website, also presenting both documents.

The Deputy Mayor of the Treasury, Ginés Campillo, explained that “in these difficult times we must strive to provide a better service to both citizens and SMEs, businesses and self-employed in the municipality. Hence, we have started this office to improve the care we provide to our neighbours in our Municipality. ”

Ginés Campillo also wished to recall that “the office serves both the owners of establishments and those citizens who, complying with the established parameters, can also request the reduced rate and the zero rate for garbage and sewage, thus providing greater service from this office from which aid will also be processed due to Covid to companies, SMEs and the self-employed ”.