Donkeys, dogs, horses, hamsters, ponies, pigs, mules and more we have rescued over the years.  Our current total of equines is 61. These take an enormous amount of looking after, which is why we are working so hard to get our Sanctuary up and running, so they can all be together.  La Paca is a typical quaint Spanish village about 20 minutes from Lorca.  Our Sanctuary is set in the hillside with the most stunning views.  It is so tranquil and I know the equines are going to love it there. The long term plan is for all our animals to be there, but, the most important thing is to get the equine side of things up and running and of course this comes at a cost.  We are continually fund raising, working hard in our shops and shaking buckets and tins for loose change.  Every cent helps no matter how small.  We need a fairy godmother to wave a magic wand to help boost our La Paca bank balance.  Donations can be made via Paypal to

I didn’t know this, but the country with the most donkeys in the world is China.  Crikey!! I thought they were all in Murcia given the amount we have rescued this past month.  I think we were up to 7 at the last count, but that could well have changed as I type!  I find it sad that they seem to be outliving their usefulness in some countries, Spain being one of them.  Historically they were the backbone of many an industry and life in general, but, with the advancement of technology and decline of the younger generation wanting anything to do with farming donkeys are becoming surplus to requirements and very often are neglected, which is where we come into play.

A special note for your diary is Palm Sunday. We have been invited to attend St Nicolas Church on Camposol again with one of our donkeys …yes I’m one proud Momma. This will be very special day for us here at AAR

We still have one of our mastin puppies looking for a home.  5-month old Africa is adorable and the only one of the seven without a home.  Suitcase packed she is ready to go!  We also have 4 other 4-month old puppies available for adoption; 3 are brindle and 1 is white; all are such good little boys.  Take a look on our FB pages for pictures and more details.

Ladies and Gents we need more volunteers in both of our shops.
Just 4 hours a week is all we ask in either Mazarrón or Roldan.  No previous experience is necessary. It’s a great way to easily meet new people and help a great cause.  We have the odd staff outing – particularly liking the cream teas in Alhama!!

2 of our brindle pups … all just adorable and needing a home

Our 1€ clothing sale is back on. 
There are oodles of bargains to be had.  Come along and see us in our charity shops and fill your bags!  We now have 50% discount on all coats and boots.

As usual I will be at the Car Park on Camposol B on Mondays from 11.30am-1.30pm to collect any unwanted clothes, furniture, bric-a-brac, books, cd’s, jewellery and I usually have one or two companions with me.  Otherwise we welcome donations at both our shops in Roldan and Mazarrón Town from 10.30am-1.30pm. 

Andrea xx